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RoSPA’s Guide to Firework Safety

RoSPA’s guide to firework safety can be at the Safer Fireworks website. Which includes the fireworks code, how to organise a firework display, along with firework statistics, links and resources.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)



  • Accidents are the most common cause of death and disability in children
  • In a class of 30 children, on average, every child will have received hospital treatment for two accidental injuries before their 16th birthday
  • In a class of 30 children, on average, two will be killed or injured in a road traffic accident
  • A number of children will sustain injuries at school before their 16th birthday
  • RoSPA The LASER Project

    RoSPA The LASER Project – Good Practice Guidelines an excellent resource for anyone promoting or taking part in Safety Scene activities.