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Safety Scene Evaluation Results

The following shows the statistics based on the question.

Teachers Evaluation – Rate Your Pupils Awareness of Road Safety AFTER the event


  • numbers of votes
  • rating given
  • date
  • time
  • and where the evaluation took place
  • Evaluation Results

    Evaluation Results

    Teacher or Pupil Evaluation of Safety Scene Activities

    An example of how each activity could be rated by teachers or pupils.

    Please rate the following activities where 10 = Excellent & 1 = Poor

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    Please rate the following activities where 10 = Excellent & 1 = Poor

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    Evaluating Safety Activities – Before and After Example

    All the Safety Scene evaluations can be tailored to promoters exact criteria and be either a single response or multiple choices. This is an example of a straightforward single option pre and post event evaluation.

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    [poll id=”9″]

    The results are collated over an agreed timescale and then the information is sent on to the promoter.

    Demonstration – Safety Scene Evaluation Feedback Form

    This is a demonstration of the Safety Scene evaluation/feedback system. There are three separate areas, however, more can be incorporated, if required.

  • Teachers – For teachers to evaluate the activities and also to evaluate how well the various messages impacted on the children, using pre and post evaluation.
  • Children – For the children to indicate how well they felt the visit went
  • Partners – For partners to feedback to Safety Scene the quality of service/activities and how successful or other wise they felt the activities were
  • Each evaluation criteria is fully customisable i.e. the promoter can stipulate the exact criteria that they wish to evaluate or use the Safety Scene pre configured questions. The answers can be single selection or multi selection.

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    The evaluation will be available online for an agreed period after which the data will be collated and forwarded to the promoter for evaluation.