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Building Site Safety

SPLAAT – stands for Safe Play At All Times

They say

Many children are injured, and several die each year as a result of accidents on building sites. This pack aims to raise awareness of the dangers of construction sites amongst teachers, pupils and the wider community.

The packs provide teachers with a means of delivering safety education through the literacy hour. It gives children an understanding of the dangers of construction sites and provides them with strategies for avoiding them.

The packs are divided in to lesson plans – Key Stage 1

Lesson Plans
Unit A: Feelings (PSHE/English)
Unit B: Rules (PSHE/English)
Unit C: Reports (English/PSHE)
Unit D: Drama (English/PSHE)
Unit E: Leaflet (ICT/English/Art & Design)
Unit F: Accidents (Maths – Handling Data)
Unit G: Safety Signs (Maths – Shape & Space)
Unit H: Protective Clothing (Science)
Unit I: Change (Geography)
Unit J: Mapping Hazards (Geography)
Unit K: The Splaat Rap (Music)

Lesson plans – Key Stage 2

Unit A Letter Writing
Unit B Play Script
Unit C Narrative
Unit D Newspaper Report
Unit E Chronological Report
Unit F Non-Chronological Report
Suggested Additional Activities

For further information see

Copies of the packs are provided Rospa contact Lyn Hall – or phone on 0121 248 2137.

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Railway Safety Resource Trackoff

Trackoff Logo

Trackoff Logo

Trackoff is an educational initiative managed by Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) on behalf of the railway industry. Our main aim is to raise awareness among young people of the dangers and consequences of antisocial behaviour and playing on the railway.

The Trackoff website provides free educational resources to organisations that can spread the message: schools, colleges, youth centres and community groups.

The website has:

  • Activity resources
  • Assembly ideas
  • Booklets and posters
  • Photos and signage
  • Teachers packs which include videos and lesson plans
  • For further info visit the Trackoff website

    Bike Ability

    Bike Ability
    They say

    Bikeability is the Cycling Proficiency Test for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads. There are three Bikeability levels and children will be encouraged and inspired to achieve all three levels, recognising that there is always more to learn and to enjoy on a bike.

    Has a number of online resources, lesson plan and activity sheets, games…

    Useful resource for:

  • Children
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Professional instructors
  • For further information on Bike Ability @

    Shorething the RNLI beach website for children, teachers & parents

    Shorething is divided into three sections

    The Young Peoples Section contains

  • Grace Darling – The story Grace became famous for helping her father to rescue the survivors from the SS Forfarshire when the ship was driven by a storm onto Harcar rocks on 7th September 1838. Also includes Lesson plans & Interactive whiteboard activity
  • Safety at the beach – Beach risk safety game & beach volleyball game
  • Cool downloads – Spotters guide, Desktop toy, Wallpapers, Screensavers
  • Blue Peter – About the TV programme Blue Peter and its contribution to the RNLI
  • Games – Beach risk safety game, Train a lifeguard game, Build a lifeboat game, Decision making quiz, Boating safety game
  • The Teachers and Parents Section contains

  • Download lesson plans and whiteboard activities
  • Assessment by subject or activity
  • Fundraising
  • Orderable resources
  • Projects
  • Grace Darling
  • Literacy Activity (Wordplay)
  • The Volunteers section contains

    Information on finding out about joining the RNLI team of Education volunteers who communicate with young people about sea and beach safety and the work of the RNLI. With resources for Education volunteers.

    Find out more @ the Shorething website

    Google UK for Schools

    Google Logo

    Google Logo

    They say.

    The Google UK Schools Site offers free resources for teachers to help use Google tools in the classroom.

    Working with teachers, we have developed ideas for how Google Search, Maps, Earth, Images and News can be integrated into the curriculum to help bring subjects such as geography, history and citizenship to life.

    Google UK for Schools contains a wealth of ideas and resources and if it is like anything else that Google do will continue to develop into a huge resource. The resources are currently based around geography, history and citizenship (with no real emphasis on the safety aspects, however, over time we expect the safety aspect to develop) including:

  • Lesson plans
  • activity sheets
  • discussion groups
  • Google Earth
  • Google tools
  • Tutorials (for students on how to search well)
  • gadgets for teachers
  • and links to other Google projects for schools
  • For more information on Google UK for Schools

    Road Safety Matters – Renault

    Renault Safety Matters

    Renault Safety Matters

    A road safety website from Renault. The website is divided into 3 sections, parents, children & teachers.

    On the website you will find:

  • Downloads
  • Cross-Curriculum Teaching Resources
  • Free Road Safety DVD
  • Lesson Plans
  • Pupil Worksheets
  • Assembly Plans
  • Games
  • A Gallery
  • Facts and Tips…
  • Safety Matters online is a road safety educational site for pupils aged 7-11 years, their teachers and parents.

    Developed by Renault the resources deliver vital road safety messages and support the Curriculum for PSHE/PSD Literacy and Numeracy.

    For further road safety information from Renault

    The Fire Station

    The Fire Station is part of the larger website of Kids Direct.

    PSHE resources include the teachers area caters for Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 and include:

  • Fire Safety resources & lesson plans
  • Games & Animations
  • Instruction & factfiles
  • PSHE resources include the parents area are:

  • Family safety activity sheets include the Fire Station
  • The meaning machine is useful for both teachers and parents who want to help children and young people explore safety related terms. For further information on The Fire Station & Kids Direct.

    Road Safety Lesson Plans

    Road Safety – Lesson Plans

    DFT – road safety lesson plans

    Road Safety – Teachers Resource

    Road Safety

    ROSPA – helping teachers to incorporate road safety into lessons and activities. Like many RoSPA have redesigned their website but forgotten to 301 the old pages, meaning that we have lost many links. If you are a web designer reading this not 301 old pages is a very unprofessional practise…

    For teachers try this search query.

    RoSPA’s Guide to Rural Road Safety



    A resource for teachers and schools highlighting key rural road safety issues.


  • Teachers notes
  • Lesson plans (curriculum links, ideas and activities)
  • Pupil files
  • The Pupil Files are part of the Lesson Plans and can be photocopied for pupils’ use.
    The resource is free to download. For further information.