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Road Safety Education Materials

The website contains the following:

  • There are 25 lesson packs that will help you teach a range of road safety topics to children and teenagers of all ages.
  • The lesson packs are colour coded by key stage and age range, from early years to key stage 4.
  • Each lesson pack contains a lesson plan, links to road safety teaching resources, and activities; everything you need to plan and deliver effective road safety education.
  • These resources are not limited to classroom use and we hope that they will be used by anyone with responsibility for educating children and teenagers on road safety, including road safety officers, police and fire officers, out of school leaders, and parents.

    Applicable Early Years through Key Stage 1-4. Aimed at a teaching professionals.

    For further information Think Resource Centre

    Building Site Safety

    SPLAAT – stands for Safe Play At All Times

    They say

    Many children are injured, and several die each year as a result of accidents on building sites. This pack aims to raise awareness of the dangers of construction sites amongst teachers, pupils and the wider community.

    The packs provide teachers with a means of delivering safety education through the literacy hour. It gives children an understanding of the dangers of construction sites and provides them with strategies for avoiding them.

    The packs are divided in to lesson plans – Key Stage 1

    Lesson Plans
    Unit A: Feelings (PSHE/English)
    Unit B: Rules (PSHE/English)
    Unit C: Reports (English/PSHE)
    Unit D: Drama (English/PSHE)
    Unit E: Leaflet (ICT/English/Art & Design)
    Unit F: Accidents (Maths – Handling Data)
    Unit G: Safety Signs (Maths – Shape & Space)
    Unit H: Protective Clothing (Science)
    Unit I: Change (Geography)
    Unit J: Mapping Hazards (Geography)
    Unit K: The Splaat Rap (Music)

    Lesson plans – Key Stage 2

    Unit A Letter Writing
    Unit B Play Script
    Unit C Narrative
    Unit D Newspaper Report
    Unit E Chronological Report
    Unit F Non-Chronological Report
    Suggested Additional Activities

    For further information see

    Copies of the packs are provided Rospa contact Lyn Hall – or phone on 0121 248 2137.

    N.B. There is a link to Spaat dot com, which has nothing to do with the information featured, we think this may be domain name scammers trying to benefit from the Rospa link. If this changes and we still have this notice in place please let us know.

    Cycling Safety – Key Stage 1 Multimedia Tests

    Direct Govs

    Short interactive quizzes for Key Stage 1 children to do either in the lcass or at home on the subject of Cycling Safety.

    Try the Cycle Safety tests @

    Be Seen, Be Bright

    What you can wear to stay safe when cycling @

    Sparkle Box – Foundation, Key Stage 1 & 2 Resource

    Sparkle Box

    Sparkle Box is an online education resource for teachers at Foundation, Key Stage 1 & 2 levels. A great variety of visual aids to assist and reinforce safety messages in a classroom situation.

    Resources available to download and use in a classroom situation include:

  • Road Safety
  • Water Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Safety in the Home
  • First Aid
  • For further information visit

    Signal Switch Off – Rethinking Traffic Control

    A fascinating look at the need for a rethink concerning traffic control in particular where and when traffic lights are used.

    Video 1 – Roads unfit for people

    Updated critique of traffic controls with proposals for change based on a trust in human nature rather than an obsession with controlling it.

    Video 2 – Roads FiT for People

    Portishead lights-off trial, which began on 14.9.09 and went permanent after journey times fell by over half with no loss of pedestrian safety

    Possible points to discuss:

  • Our traffic control system has need been properly tested, it has just evolved
  • Traffic signals take away the need to think for both the motorist and pedestrian
  • The environmental impact i.e. emissions & pollution
  • The impact on local residents and the improved quality of life, i.e. a quieter environment, less pollution, less peak noise…
  • Concentrating on how a change in traffic control would affect young children, i.e. how do they learn to interact with motorists
  • Try as a classroom game. Create a cross roads, divide the children into the following groups

    Game 1

    Traffic signals – this group control the game

    Game 2


    Observe the differences.

    For further information see and for parents and teachers more about Martin Cassini (the creator of the videos) @ his forum

    The Dangers of Fireworks

    Video: Firework Safety
    Duration: 5.11
    Target Group: Key Stage 1 & 2

    Avon Fire Service use a mannequin to demonstrate what happens when fireworks are held and the damage they can do. Also contains general firework safety tips.

    Avon Fire Service also have their own channel on YouTube @

    Dangerous Substances

    Dangerous Substances

    Information sheets on Dangerous Substances with notes and activities for Key Stages 1, 2, 3&4 for teachers and suggested discussion points and pupil activities. Also includes a Risk Assessment sheet & a Symbols quiz

    Find out more about Dangerous Substances @

    Fire Safety Demonstration – Never Pour Water on an Oil Fire

    Fire Safety Video
    Duration: 0:37M

    A fire safety demo, demonstrating what happens when water is poured over a pan of hot oil that is on fire, e.g. a chip pan fire. Useful when combined with Safety Scene visit to reinforce the safety messages that the children discovered during the visit to the kitchen.

    Children’s Road Safety Video – Glow in the Dark

    Road Safety Video
    Duration: 0:20M

    A short road safety video reinforcing the Road Safety aspect.

    Ideal for use both before and after a Safety Scene visit. Use to reinforce some of the road safety messages heard during the visit.

    Tales of the Road – Think!

    Road Safety Video
    Duration: 0:41M

    A short road safety video reinforcing the Stop, Look and Listen message. Ideal for use both before and after a Safety Scene visit. Use to reinforce some of the road safety messages heard during the visit.