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Want to know where to cycle near you?

A website helping parents to locate local cycle routes to take young children on.

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Send for your free info pack and discover great places to cycle near you. As well as recommending rides and routes in your area, your pack comes with helpful advice about choosing a bike, getting it ready for riding, keeping it in tip-top condition, cycling with kids and more.

Sustrans is the charity behind the National Cycle Network, over 12,000 miles of traffic-free, quiet lanes and on-road walking and cycling routes all around the UK. Why not use it for getting to work or school, exploring the great outdoors, or just for exercise and fun?

The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust


The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust aimed at increasing the awareness of using Bicycle Helmet when riding.

They say…

The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust was set up in 1998 with the aim of reducing the number of children who are killed and injured every year in the UK as a result of head injuries sustained in cycling accidents.

Government figures show that child cyclists are more than three times more likely to die on Britain’s roads than adult cyclists.

According to Transport Research Laboratory data, child cyclists make up 6.6 per cent of road cyclists, yet they account for a disproportionate number of accident deaths.

Research has demonstrated that helmets can reduce the severity of head injuries by up to 85 per cent.

There are a series of interactive games and a cycling related wordsearch @

A teachers pack & leaflets and posters are also available, including:

  • Teacher’s notes
  • Objectives and preparation
  • Role play suggestions
  • The five Ss
  • Five facts you may not know
  • Sample letter to parents
  • Quiz
  • Main structures and functions of the brain
  • Fact sheets