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Sparkle Box – Foundation, Key Stage 1 & 2 Resource

Sparkle Box

Sparkle Box is an online education resource for teachers at Foundation, Key Stage 1 & 2 levels. A great variety of visual aids to assist and reinforce safety messages in a classroom situation.

Resources available to download and use in a classroom situation include:

  • Road Safety
  • Water Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Safety in the Home
  • First Aid
  • For further information visit

    Shorething the RNLI beach website for children, teachers & parents

    Shorething is divided into three sections

    The Young Peoples Section contains

  • Grace Darling – The story Grace became famous for helping her father to rescue the survivors from the SS Forfarshire when the ship was driven by a storm onto Harcar rocks on 7th September 1838. Also includes Lesson plans & Interactive whiteboard activity
  • Safety at the beach – Beach risk safety game & beach volleyball game
  • Cool downloads – Spotters guide, Desktop toy, Wallpapers, Screensavers
  • Blue Peter – About the TV programme Blue Peter and its contribution to the RNLI
  • Games – Beach risk safety game, Train a lifeguard game, Build a lifeboat game, Decision making quiz, Boating safety game
  • The Teachers and Parents Section contains

  • Download lesson plans and whiteboard activities
  • Assessment by subject or activity
  • Fundraising
  • Orderable resources
  • Projects
  • Grace Darling
  • Literacy Activity (Wordplay)
  • The Volunteers section contains

    Information on finding out about joining the RNLI team of Education volunteers who communicate with young people about sea and beach safety and the work of the RNLI. With resources for Education volunteers.

    Find out more @ the Shorething website

    Think Safe – Teaching Kids to Stay Safe

    Think Safe

    Think Safe

    Think Safe is organised by a variety of agencies and schools. Like many safety schemes it is due to the tremendous support of the agencies that participate in the various events and provide staff time and resources free that enable Think Safe and Safety Scene to run, without their help and support activities like our would struggle to operate.

    Think Safe is divided into three separate sections:

  • Kids
  • Teachers
  • Agencies
  • The kids section provides a super list of safety scenario which can be used in schools or at home including:

  • Coastal safety
  • Consumer safety
  • Dog awareness
  • Electrical safety
  • First aid
  • Farm safety
  • Fire safety
  • Food safety
  • Gas safety
  • Home safety
  • Playing safely
  • Rail safety
  • Range safety
  • About rubbish
  • Road safety
  • Stranger Danger
  • & Vandalism
  • each is a series of images with options to select the correct solution.

    The teachers’ section explains what will happen during a safety activity, via a short FAQ .

    The Agency section provides a comprehensive overview of the aims, objectives and operational aspects of the various safety events.

    View the website for further information.

    Word Search – Water Safety 2

    Match the words at the bottom with the letters in this puzzle to complete the word search
    Word search words to find

    Download the word search files for use in the classroom or at home.

    Word Search – Water Safety 1

    Match the words at the bottom with the letters in this puzzle to complete the Water Safety word search
    Word search words to find







    Download the word search files for use in the classroom or at home.

    F L A G S – Beach Safety

    For a safe day at the beach

    Think F L A G S

    Find the Red and Yellow flags flags, and swim between them.

    Look at the safety signs.

    Ask a lifeguard for advice about where it’s safe to swim.

    Get a friend to swim with you.

    Stick your hand in the air and shout for help if in difficulty.

    Download F L A G S (Microsoft Word Document)icon-word-document


    Go to Beach Safety Flags to download to a computer and print out to colour in.

    Beach Safety Flags

    Red Flag

    Red Safety Flag

    Red Safety Flag

    The Red Flag indicates danger. NEVER enter the water when the red flag is flying, under any circumstances.

    Download the Red Flag to colour in.


    Red and Yellow Flag

    Red & Yellow Safety Flag

    Red & Yellow Safety Flag

    Red and Yellow Flag indicate the area patrolled by lifeguards. These are the safe areas to swim, bodyboard and use inflatables.

    Download the Red and Yellow Flag to colour in.


    Black and White Flag

    Black & White Safety Flag

    Black & White Safety Flag

    Black and White Flag indicate an area zoned by lifeguards for use of watercraft such as surfboards and kayaks. Never swim or bodyboard in these areas.

    Download the Black and White Flag to colour in.


    Safety Around Water – Useful Video for Teachers In the Classroom Working with Children and Young People

    Cartoon video covering water safety in:

    • The sea
    • Swimming pools
    • Water around the home
    • Water and electricity

    Duration 9.27 minutes