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Safety Scene will freely link to any Key Stage 1 or 2 resources that has useful information for any aspect of safety relating to PSHE. We are particularly interested in Key Stage 1 & 2 but if your information covers other stages and you feel it is useful for the aforementioned as well please get in touch.

You can be a commercial operation, local authority, educational resource, community group…it does not matter we are happy to feature your information if it will benefit children, teachers, parents, carers, schools et al.


If you care about safety and wish to become involved, we are more than happy to hear from you. It may be that you have seen a fantastic resource that we haven’t got or that you would like to write an article…feel free to get in touch.

Web designers

As part of professional practise if you are restructuring a website please use 301 redirects in order not to break links to resources. If you cannot use 301 redirects use a back link research tool and email all the parties of the new URL.

Please see the contact page on how to get information to us.

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