Walk to School

What is Walk to School AKA WoW?

WoW is a simple scheme that enables schools and local authorities to promote walking to school throughout the entire school year. Children get badges when they walk at least once a week for a month.

Walk to School Dates for 2009

  • 24 June 2009 – WoW badge design competition – winners will be announced.
  • 18 – 22 May 2009 – It’s Walk to School Week 2009!
  • 20 March 2009 – Deadline for schools to enter the WoW badge design competition.
  • 23 February 2009 – Schools competition to design WoW badges for 2009/10 will be launched.
  • Walk to School also has sections for children, parents and schools.

    Downloads include publications:

  • Backseat Children Report
  • Safer School Journeys
  • Walk to School Campaign Guide
  • Setting up a WoW Walking Zone – Teachers pack Posters
  • Logos
  • Walk to School is more about healthy children but there is also a Road/Street safety message involved. And links for further resources. Visit the Walk to School website.