Interactive Road Safety with Streetscene

Streetsense is a Scottish initiative and a very well thought out website ideal for parents and teachers to help educate children and young people about road safety.

An assembly resource which can be used in conjunction with ‘Streetsense’ to build on the topics covered within the website. The topics covered are very similar to the Road Safety aspect of Safety Scene and is ideal material to use in conjunction with a Safety Scene visit.

The material links to other Road Safety Scotland resources such as the Scottish Cycle Training Scheme and the Junior Road Safety Officer scheme.

Over 4 different levels the interactive multimedia displays cover the most important aspects of road safety and information over a wide age range from primary KS1 to KS3, including:

  • Crossing between parked cars
  • How to traffic lights and pelican crossings
  • Walking
  • Skateboarding
  • Motorbike
  • Bus
  • Braking distances
  • And more…
  • The Scottish statistics for accidental deaths in children between 0-19 are:

  • Road traffic 82%
  • Drowning 11%
  • Drugs 7%
  • Also a few useful road safety links. For further information on Streetsense visit the website.