Building Site Safety

SPLAAT – stands for Safe Play At All Times

They say

Many children are injured, and several die each year as a result of accidents on building sites. This pack aims to raise awareness of the dangers of construction sites amongst teachers, pupils and the wider community.

The packs provide teachers with a means of delivering safety education through the literacy hour. It gives children an understanding of the dangers of construction sites and provides them with strategies for avoiding them.

The packs are divided in to lesson plans – Key Stage 1

Lesson Plans
Unit A: Feelings (PSHE/English)
Unit B: Rules (PSHE/English)
Unit C: Reports (English/PSHE)
Unit D: Drama (English/PSHE)
Unit E: Leaflet (ICT/English/Art & Design)
Unit F: Accidents (Maths – Handling Data)
Unit G: Safety Signs (Maths – Shape & Space)
Unit H: Protective Clothing (Science)
Unit I: Change (Geography)
Unit J: Mapping Hazards (Geography)
Unit K: The Splaat Rap (Music)

Lesson plans – Key Stage 2

Unit A Letter Writing
Unit B Play Script
Unit C Narrative
Unit D Newspaper Report
Unit E Chronological Report
Unit F Non-Chronological Report
Suggested Additional Activities

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Copies of the packs are provided Rospa contact Lyn Hall – or phone on 0121 248 2137.

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Cycling Safety – Key Stage 1 Multimedia Tests

Direct Govs

Short interactive quizzes for Key Stage 1 children to do either in the lcass or at home on the subject of Cycling Safety.

Try the Cycle Safety tests @

Be Seen, Be Bright

What you can wear to stay safe when cycling @

Cycle Safety – Two Videos from Halton Borough Council’s Road Safety Team

Cycle Helmet Safety

A video featuring Louise Shannon a member of Halton Borough Council’s Road Safety Team talking about buying and wearing cycle helmets.

To view the Cycle Helmet Safety video

A video featuring Lisa Scott a member of Halton Borough Council’s Road Safety Team talking about

Bicycle Safety Check

To view the Bicycle Safety Check video