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Child Safety Education Coalition

CSEC project manager John Vallender, said: “Unintentional injuries cut short and affect the lives of far too many of our children.

“CSEC passionately believes that as they grow up, children should have opportunities to learn valuable skills to enable them to develop a confidence in risk management that will benefit them throughout life.”

“We hope that organisations which affirm our mission will join the coalition so we can share knowledge and promote the expansion of high-quality practical safety education, and ultimately reduce the number of children who are seriously affected by unintentional injuries.”

CSEC objectives
To define, audit, develop, manage, promote and support ‘high quality practical safety education’ in England. In order to achieve these, member organisations will work together to:

  • Identify common and avoidable injuries to children and young people
  • Identify activities where practical safety education could be improved, extended or introduced
  • Provide children with opportunities to develop risk competence appropriate to their age and developmental stage, which is transferable to all aspects of their lives
  • Enable children and young people to have the confidence put their risk competence into practice
  • CSEC Resource links include:

    · Unintended Injury
    · Management of Risk
    · Safety Education
    · Safeguarding
    · Road and Transport Safety
    · Drowning
    · Poisoning
    · Burns and Scalds
    · Trips and Falls

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