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Primary Teacher UK is an information, news and resources using blog technology for primary teachers in the UK. The PSHE material is primarily Citizenship based although there are some safety aspects within the blog.

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Google UK for Schools

Google Logo

Google Logo

They say.

The Google UK Schools Site offers free resources for teachers to help use Google tools in the classroom.

Working with teachers, we have developed ideas for how Google Search, Maps, Earth, Images and News can be integrated into the curriculum to help bring subjects such as geography, history and citizenship to life.

Google UK for Schools contains a wealth of ideas and resources and if it is like anything else that Google do will continue to develop into a huge resource. The resources are currently based around geography, history and citizenship (with no real emphasis on the safety aspects, however, over time we expect the safety aspect to develop) including:

  • Lesson plans
  • activity sheets
  • discussion groups
  • Google Earth
  • Google tools
  • Tutorials (for students on how to search well)
  • gadgets for teachers
  • and links to other Google projects for schools
  • For more information on Google UK for Schools

    Edu Blogs – Sign Up for a Free Educational Blog

    If you are looking to create a free educational blog, Edu Blogs claims to be “…the largest education community on the Internet…” current total is 271,024 blogs.

    Blogs are very easy to use. Although the second time we visited the main site there seemed to be server problems with long loading times, so a backup plan might be a good idea. That said it is free so it is unfair to whinge.

    Getting Started with your educational blog

    There are videos about 5 minutes long and between 4-8 MB in size to get you started. Also has a forum with a like minded community varying from experienced to beginner.

    …sign up for a free WordPress-powered blog.

    Safety Scene Activity Route

    Safety Scene Activity Route

    Safety Scene Activity Route

    A Safety Scene activity route guide for promoters and participants.

    Click for a larger version of the route guide.

    Kidzone from Cheshire Fire Service

    Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

    Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

    For both teachers and firefighters to download and supplement their lessons.

    Kidzone includes:

  • Tests
  • Games
  • Videos
  • Tours of appliances
  • and additional resources

    Safety Scene Evaluation Results

    The following shows the statistics based on the question.

    Teachers Evaluation – Rate Your Pupils Awareness of Road Safety AFTER the event


  • numbers of votes
  • rating given
  • date
  • time
  • and where the evaluation took place
  • Evaluation Results

    Evaluation Results

    Teacher or Pupil Evaluation of Safety Scene Activities

    An example of how each activity could be rated by teachers or pupils.

    Please rate the following activities where 10 = Excellent & 1 = Poor

    [poll id=”10″]

    Please rate the following activities where 10 = Excellent & 1 = Poor

    [poll id=”11″]

    Evaluating Safety Activities – Before and After Example

    All the Safety Scene evaluations can be tailored to promoters exact criteria and be either a single response or multiple choices. This is an example of a straightforward single option pre and post event evaluation.

    [poll id=”8″]
    [poll id=”9″]

    The results are collated over an agreed timescale and then the information is sent on to the promoter.

    Demonstration – Safety Scene Evaluation Feedback Form

    This is a demonstration of the Safety Scene evaluation/feedback system. There are three separate areas, however, more can be incorporated, if required.

  • Teachers – For teachers to evaluate the activities and also to evaluate how well the various messages impacted on the children, using pre and post evaluation.
  • Children – For the children to indicate how well they felt the visit went
  • Partners – For partners to feedback to Safety Scene the quality of service/activities and how successful or other wise they felt the activities were
  • Each evaluation criteria is fully customisable i.e. the promoter can stipulate the exact criteria that they wish to evaluate or use the Safety Scene pre configured questions. The answers can be single selection or multi selection.

    [poll id=”1″]
    [poll id=”2″]
    [poll id=”7″]

    The evaluation will be available online for an agreed period after which the data will be collated and forwarded to the promoter for evaluation.

    Fire Safety Demonstration – Never Pour Water on an Oil Fire

    Fire Safety Video
    Duration: 0:37M

    A fire safety demo, demonstrating what happens when water is poured over a pan of hot oil that is on fire, e.g. a chip pan fire. Useful when combined with Safety Scene visit to reinforce the safety messages that the children discovered during the visit to the kitchen.