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Insurance – The exhibition is insured by Safety Scene to the point of completion of the installation

Event Insurance – The hirer is required to insure the exhibition from the point of completing the installation and for the duration of the hire period. The insurance must cover the value of the Safety Scene exhibition to a total of £50,000

Public Liability – The hirer is required for the duration of the event to provide adequate public liability insurance

Parking – The hirer is required to provide parking space for the duration of the event for the Safety Scene trailer length 40ft 4inches

Access – The hirer has checked access details through with the Safety Scene team and we have agreed that the venue has suitable access requirements

Venue Size – The hirer has checked access details through with the Safety Scene team and we have agreed that the venue has adequate space to correctly install

Cancellation – Cancellation of an event must be made in writing to Safety Scene. Any cancellation occurring within 12 weeks of the date of installation will incur a fee equal to 75% of the hire charge


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Road Safety Week 2008

Road Safety Week 10 – 16 November 2008 – get involved to help save lives!

Protect the Ones You Love – 10th – 16th November 2008, Road Safety Week

The theme this year is family safety: protect the one you love. Whether teaching pre-schoolers to ‘hold hands’ with mum or dad, or teaching teenagers the dangers of driving and the importance of looking after younger siblings, you can meet curriculum requirements and play a vital role in preventing a tragedy in your school, college, or nursery by taking part.

Get planning today.

Road Safety Week is organised by Brake, the road safety charity with backing from the Government and our corporate sponsors. Brake has two aims:

to promote road safety
support people bereaved and injured in crashes

A child is killed or hurt on UK roads every 20 minutes. Help us to save lives and to support people bereaved by road crashes by taking part in National Road Safety Week.

Teach citizenship and PSHE and save young lives in Road Safety Week by ordering your FREE action pack TODAY.

Go to and click on ‘educator’ to order your free poster, action pack and access our online educator advice centre, which includes lesson ideas and downloadable PowerPoints and video clips.

Road Traffic Accident Statistics

  • 6 children aged 0-7 are killed or seriously injured every week on the road
  • 18 children aged 8-11 are killed or seriously injured every week on the roads and more than one is killed every fortnight
  • Young people between 11 and 16 are more at risk of being killed or seriously injured as a pedestrian or cyclist than any other age group

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)



  • Accidents are the most common cause of death and disability in children
  • In a class of 30 children, on average, every child will have received hospital treatment for two accidental injuries before their 16th birthday
  • In a class of 30 children, on average, two will be killed or injured in a road traffic accident
  • A number of children will sustain injuries at school before their 16th birthday
  • Venue Specifications & Requirements

    Venue size: Safety scene is designed to fit into an indoor space capable of accommodating a set of approximately 3,000 ft

    Venue Size: Minimum dimensions are 12M * 21M, ideally the venue will be of a larger size

    Electricity: 240Volts mains

    Location: Ground floor only

    Access: Ground floor no lifts

    Access Doors: Double doors

    Trailer Storage: In addition, we require parking facilities for the Safety Scene trailer unit for the duration of the event. The trailer unit measures 40 ft and 4 inches long and is transported via a tractor unit (lorry). This helps us to keep transportation costs down for promoters.

    RoSPA The LASER Project

    RoSPA The LASER Project – Good Practice Guidelines an excellent resource for anyone promoting or taking part in Safety Scene activities.

    Safety Scene Installation & Breakdown

    Installation takes approximately 5 hours

    Breakdown takes approximately 3 hours

    Safety Scene Introduction for Promoters

    Safety Scene is a unique experience which is fun and yet has been designed to fit into the school curriculum as an aid for teachers, teaching assistants and children studying key stage 1 Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) aspect of the curriculm*.

    Safety Scene is the UK’s only fully interactive “safety town” for primary school children aged between 5 – 7. Safety Scene makes learning about personal safety a fun and yet very realistic experience.

    In addition, Safety Scene helps to create a link between young children and representatives of the safety agencies by creating a meeting point.

    *PSHE is important in combating social exclusion and disaffection and can equip young people with the skills and attitudes needed to react positively to the pressures of modern life.

    Introduction to Safety Scene for Primary Schools

    Safety Scene is an interactive hands-on experience for children. Aimed at children, teachers, specialist staff, and classroom assistants studying key stage 1 Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

    Safety Scene covers all aspects of safety in the curriculum and has been designed as an interactive experience for children and to assist staff in reaching their attainment targets.

    “Pupils should be able to keep themselves safe in the home, at school, while travelling, at work, in play, in sport and in leisure. Safety education helps them to recognise potential risks.”

    Learning outcomes: During their two-hour session the children will learn:

    • What to do in case of a fire
    • How to call the emergency services
    • What dangerous substances to look out for in the home
    • What dangerous hazards to look out for in the home
    • Awareness of strangers and personal safety
    • Awareness of medicines and how medicines should only by taken with an adult present
    • Road safety
    • And more depending on the local message that the promoter & safety agencies that are present, wishes to get across during the event

    The project’s aim is for the children to take away important messages, which will contribute to their future safety and equip them to deal with potentially dangerous situations and emergencies.

    Safety Sign Templates Available to Download

    Please feel free to download and use for your safety project any of the signs on this page. The safety signs are available in a number of sizes, please select the appropriate size. These signs are provided for educational purposes in the classroom or at home and are not for resale.

    Choose from the following categories:

    Beach & Water Safety
    Fire Safety
    General Safety Signs
    Health Promotion
    Road Safety
    Safety in the Home
    Safety in the Work Place

    To view: Click on the image to see the full size version
    To Save: Right click and select save image as