Doug Shingler – Mayor – Vale Royal, Councilor

“Safety Scene is an exciting and innovative way of teaching important safety messages to youngsters. We hope the lessons they learn will help them to stay safe and healthy so they can enjoy their childhood to the full.”

Sergeant Peter Yates – Project Manager – Lancashire Constabulary

“The aim of the Safety Week is to promote the message of safety in the community in a fun learning environment.”

Mrs Dilnot – Year 2 Teacher Darnhall Primary School

“It’s very informative and our children really enjoyed themselves. Keeping safe is part of our curriculum and we will be following up on what we’ve learnt today when we go back to school.”

Nicky Chaplain – Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council

“Our aim is to increase awareness and teach the children safety skills in both home and outdoor environments”

Number of School Children Catered for During a Safety Scene Visit

Safety Scene can readily accommodate up to 50 primary school children, age 5 to 7, during any one session. There are usually two sessions scheduled per day, totaling 100 children experiencing Safety Scene per day, up to 500 children per week.


Safety Scene is fully accessible to people with physical disability issues. Please check with your promoter that the building in which Safety Scene will be promoted has adequate access.

Safety Signs & Their Meanings

The instructions in the table below apply to all signs incorporating a safety colour.


Meaning or purpose

Instructions and information


Prohibition Sign

Danger Alarm

Fire Fighting Equipment

Dangerous behaviour



Emergency cut out devices


Identification and location

Yellow or Amber

Warning Sign

Be careful

take precautions



Mandatory Sign

Specific behaviour or action

Wear personal protective equipment


Emergency Escape

First Aid Sign

No danger






Return to normal

Road Safety Resources for Parents & Teachers



ROSPA – advice for parents and teachers on a number of different road safety issues, including (all free to download):

  • ESOL Key Stage 2 Road Safety Resource: Teacher’s Guide
  • ESOL Key Stage 2 Road Safety Resource: Child’s Workbook
  • Road Safety Education: A Guide For Healthy Schools – (A Resource Book designed to help teachers prepare for and follow up visits by Theatre-in-Education (TIE) Companies performing on the subject of road safety.)
  • Road Safety School Assembly Plans : All Ages
  • Rural Road Safety : Key Stages 1 & 2
  • Carrying Other People’s Children Safely – (A booklet giving advice about using child seats and seat belts for anyone who transports other people’s children in a car, taxi, bus or coach.)
  • Road Safety Factsheets
  • Fonts to use with warning and safety signs

    There are a number of fonts to download

    Variable Message Signs

    Motorway Permanent

    Motorway Temporary


    Old Road Signs Font

    Transport Heavy

    Mrs Barnton – Tarporley CE Primary School

    “The children were very excited and really enjoyed the day. We used the activity as a core part of Key Stage 1 PSHE in school. Drawing on ideas from the experience and integrating the ideas into many lesson plans.”

    Online Games to Aid Learning about Personal Safety

    The parental resources section is currently under construction. We apologise for any inconvenience and are trying to get this section operational within the next month.

    Fire Hazards – Online Game