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Railway Safety Resource Trackoff

Trackoff Logo

Trackoff Logo

Trackoff is an educational initiative managed by Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) on behalf of the railway industry. Our main aim is to raise awareness among young people of the dangers and consequences of antisocial behaviour and playing on the railway.

The Trackoff website provides free educational resources to organisations that can spread the message: schools, colleges, youth centres and community groups.

The website has:

  • Activity resources
  • Assembly ideas
  • Booklets and posters
  • Photos and signage
  • Teachers packs which include videos and lesson plans
  • For further info visit the Trackoff website

    Road Safety Video – The Girl Who Didnt Dress Bright

    Road Safety Video
    Duration: 0:31M

    Another short video emphasising how young children would be more visible to drivers if young children wore brighter coloured clothing. Ideal for use after a Safety Scene visit. Use to reinforce some of the road safety messages heard during the visit.

    Think Safe – Teaching Kids to Stay Safe

    Think Safe

    Think Safe

    Think Safe is organised by a variety of agencies and schools. Like many safety schemes it is due to the tremendous support of the agencies that participate in the various events and provide staff time and resources free that enable Think Safe and Safety Scene to run, without their help and support activities like our would struggle to operate.

    Think Safe is divided into three separate sections:

  • Kids
  • Teachers
  • Agencies
  • The kids section provides a super list of safety scenario which can be used in schools or at home including:

  • Coastal safety
  • Consumer safety
  • Dog awareness
  • Electrical safety
  • First aid
  • Farm safety
  • Fire safety
  • Food safety
  • Gas safety
  • Home safety
  • Playing safely
  • Rail safety
  • Range safety
  • About rubbish
  • Road safety
  • Stranger Danger
  • & Vandalism
  • each is a series of images with options to select the correct solution.

    The teachers’ section explains what will happen during a safety activity, via a short FAQ .

    The Agency section provides a comprehensive overview of the aims, objectives and operational aspects of the various safety events.

    View the website for further information.

    Railway Safety Resource : Teaching Zone

    Teaching Zone

    Teaching Zone

    Rail Safety Resources includes:

  • Lesson plans
  • Fact sheets
  • Activities
  • Resources for interactive whiteboards