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Classroom Warm-Up Activities – Road Safety

As a follow up to the road network, try the following for classroom warm-up activities. The teacher can choose from the following ideas:

Traffic Lights, Pelican & Zebra Crossings

  • Red – stop whatever is happening
  • Yellow – walk or jog on the spot
  • Green – walk or jog around the area
  • Pelican Crossing – Standing on the spot flapping their arms like the wings of a bird
  • Lollipop Person – children hold their arm up in the air and say “stop” look around and if it’s safe tell each other to “cross the road”
  • Zebra Crossing – running on the spot as fast as they can (like a galloping zebra)
  • General Road Safety

  • Police Car – Children sit in groups of four and say “be baa be baa” 4 times (other change the numbers to suit number of children present)
  • Fire Engine – Spin around on the spot raising and lowering their arms
  • Right, Left or Stop – pupils change direction according to the command until told to stop
  • Breakdown – lie down and close their eyes (no talking, quiet time)
  • School Bus – children all form a long queue, hands on each others shoulders and walk slowly
  • School Zone – walk slowly looking right and left, stop count to 5 and repeat
  • Please feel free to suggest additional ideas that can be used as part of classroom warm-up activities.

    Introduction to Safety Scene for Special Schools

    Safety Scene activities for special schools and young people are identical to the facilities offered to primary school visits.

    The entire Safety Scene set is accessible throughout for people with physical disabilities and we can also supply pavement ramps (if required, the pavements are approximately 50mm high) and telephones with extra large keypads.

    We would however, suggest the following changes are made for a special schools visit. Either the numbers of young people attending a Safety Scene visit are reduced or that each activity (within Safety Scene) is lengthened in order for the young people to get the full benefit during their visit.

    For further information please see an Introduction to Safety Scene for Primary Schools