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Electricity and Electrical Safety



Learn about electricity and electrical safety in the home to how electricity is produced on a commercial basis. With a quiz at the end of each section to test how much information has been retained.

The site is divided into three sections.

Section 1 – Celldric’s house


  • Identifying electrical appliances
  • Identifying objects powered by cells
  • Potential danger of electricity
  • Electrical Safety in the home
  • Identifying electrical hazards
  • Quiz
  • Section 2 – Night Night


  • Using batteries
  • Basic circuits
  • Positive and negative poles
  • Identifying problems in circuits
  • Making useful circuits
  • Quiz
  • Section 3 – Out and About


  • Where does electricity come from?
  • How does it arrive at our homes?
  • High voltage electricity
  • Where do you find high voltage electricity?
  • Identifying high voltage hazards
  • Quiz
  • For further Key Stage 2 information on electrical safety go to the EDF website.

    Electricity and how to use it Safely

    The Switched on Kids website is useful resource for both parents and teachers and covers the following information on electricity:

  • What is electricity
  • Electrical safety in the home and garden
  • Information for parents & teachers includes the following sections:

  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • First aid
  • Worksheets
  • Links
  • Competition
  • Downloads
  • Tests
  • Screen savers
  • Games
  • A well thought out website run by the The Electrical Safety Council. Click to visit the Switched on Kids website.

    Powerwise Interactive Website Has Lots of Useful Information on the Dangers of Electricity

    A well designed website for children of two different age ranges primary & secondary.

    The Powerwise website has interactive games, facts & figures about electricity a useful resource for teachers & parents.

    English version
    Welsh version