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Walk to School

What is Walk to School AKA WoW?

WoW is a simple scheme that enables schools and local authorities to promote walking to school throughout the entire school year. Children get badges when they walk at least once a week for a month.

Walk to School Dates for 2009

  • 24 June 2009 – WoW badge design competition – winners will be announced.
  • 18 – 22 May 2009 – It’s Walk to School Week 2009!
  • 20 March 2009 – Deadline for schools to enter the WoW badge design competition.
  • 23 February 2009 – Schools competition to design WoW badges for 2009/10 will be launched.
  • Walk to School also has sections for children, parents and schools.

    Downloads include publications:

  • Backseat Children Report
  • Safer School Journeys
  • Walk to School Campaign Guide
  • Setting up a WoW Walking Zone – Teachers pack Posters
  • Logos
  • Walk to School is more about healthy children but there is also a Road/Street safety message involved. And links for further resources. Visit the Walk to School website.

    Keeping Children Safe from Scalds and Burns

    Direct Gov

    Direct Gov

    The Kitchen and equipment within it used for cooking and making food and drinks are responsible for more 50% of all scalds and burns.

    This site contains information on Scalds & Burns in English and in Welsh and covers:

  • In the kitchen
  • Hot drinks
  • In the bathroom
  • Outdoors
  • What to do if your child has a scald or a burn
  • With links to:

  • First aid courses and further related safety resources
  • Emergency Telephone Numbers:

  • England and Wales NHS Direct 0845 4647
  • Scotland NHS 24 08454 242424
  • English scalds & burns version

    Welsh scalds & burns version

    A Children’s Guide to Hospitals

    Not really about safety however, it is a useful resource for both parents and teachers when teaching children about a visit to hospitals. Very well done and easily to navigate and understand.


  • A visit to hospital
  • A visit to outpatients
  • My first day in hospital
  • My operation
  • An introduction to the people who work in hospitals
  • Games
  • About the body
  • Tests
  • For further information about a visit to hospital for young children

    How to Put On a Sling

    How to Put On a Sling

    Video created by the British Red Cross

    How to Stop Bleeding

    How to stop bleeding.

    Video created by the British Red Cross

    How to Treat Burns

    How to treat burns.

    Video created by the British Red Cross

    How To Put Someone In The Recovery Position – Video

    How to put someone in the recovery position.

    Video created by the British Red Cross.