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Kidzone from Cheshire Fire Service

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

For both teachers and firefighters to download and supplement their lessons.

Kidzone includes:

  • Tests
  • Games
  • Videos
  • Tours of appliances
  • and additional resources

    Fire Safety Demonstration – Never Pour Water on an Oil Fire

    Fire Safety Video
    Duration: 0:37M

    A fire safety demo, demonstrating what happens when water is poured over a pan of hot oil that is on fire, e.g. a chip pan fire. Useful when combined with Safety Scene visit to reinforce the safety messages that the children discovered during the visit to the kitchen.

    Fire Safety Video for Parents

    2 * Fire Safety Videos
    Duration: 2:32M & 2.19M

    For parents with children a quick look through a house and gives tips on all the main danger areas also discusses creating an escape plan. Ideal viewing for parents expecting a baby and parents with young children.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    The Fire Station

    The Fire Station is part of the larger website of Kids Direct.

    PSHE resources include the teachers area caters for Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 and include:

  • Fire Safety resources & lesson plans
  • Games & Animations
  • Instruction & factfiles
  • PSHE resources include the parents area are:

  • Family safety activity sheets include the Fire Station
  • The meaning machine is useful for both teachers and parents who want to help children and young people explore safety related terms. For further information on The Fire Station & Kids Direct.

    Firebrake Wales – Fire Safety Resource

    Fire Flash is the identity for fire safety in Wales promoted by Firebrake Wales.



    Teenagers and Adults Section

    Fire Safety Messages include:

  • Anti Grass Arson
  • Christmas Safety
  • Smoking Safety
  • Bonfire Safety
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Home Fire Safety Check for everyone in Wales

    Children’s and Young Peoples Section

    Fire Safety Literature to download includes:

  • Cook Safely
  • Smoking Safety
  • Celebrate Safely
  • Pictorial Poster
  • Plan Your Escape
  • Fire Safety in the Home (including an audio version of the Fire Safety in the Home leaflet)
  • Kids’ Stuff includes:

  • Online games with Tânni and Friends
  • Safety DVD ‘Fun, not Fear’ having fun safely on Bonfire Night
  • ‘Tanni Fights Fire’ activity book (available to download)
  • Fire Brake Fire Safety Link

    Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service – Guide to Fire Safety for Parents and Children

    Fire Safety from the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

    Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

    Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

    Fire safety topics are aimed at parents helping to teach their children about the dangers of fires and include the following sections:


  • Teaching children to be safe with fire
  • Making your home safe for children
  • Teaching children what to do if there’s a fire
  • Children who have a fire fascination
  • Escape

  • Planning your escape
  • What to do if there’s a fire
  • Escaping from a house
  • Escaping from a high-rise building
  • Prevention

  • Cooking, electrics, smoking & candles
  • If you have extra needs
  • If you rent your home
  • 12 top tips to protect your home
  • Fire safety information is available in both Welsh and English

    Fire Safety Resource for Everyone

    Part of the National Schools’ Fire Safety Day: 19 November 2008

    Fire Kills Campaign

    Fire Kills Campaign

    This website has resources for children, parents, the elderly and teachers…alike, including:

    • Free Home Fire Risk Assessment
    • Find Your Nearest Fire and Rescue Service
    • A guide to Fire Safety
    • Firesafety Outdoors
    • …and links to additional resources

    For further information on fire safety

    Fire Safety with Welephant

    The website does not appear to work at present. We will check again in 7 days time.

    An online resource aimed at educating young people about staying safe from the dangers of fire.