Category: Road Safety

Safety On the Road


Guide for parents, teachers and young children about road safety in vehicles, and related issues and includes:

  • Riding in cars
  • Using buses
  • Road signs and what they mean
  • Road marking
  • Animals and roads
  • For further information on road safety visit the Hedgehogs website

    Road Safety on Foot


    Guide for parents, teachers and young children about road safety from a pedestrian point of view and includes:

  • The Green Cross Code
  • Parked vehicles
  • Using crossings with traffic lights
  • Crossing at a Zebra crossing
  • Crossing where there is an Island in the road
  • Crossing at a junction
  • School crossing patrol
  • Crossing one-way streets
  • Crossing bus lanes
  • Railway level crossings
  • For further information on road safety on foot visit the Hedgehogs website

    RoSPA’s Guide to Rural Road Safety



    A resource for teachers and schools highlighting key rural road safety issues.


  • Teachers notes
  • Lesson plans (curriculum links, ideas and activities)
  • Pupil files
  • The Pupil Files are part of the Lesson Plans and can be photocopied for pupils’ use.
    The resource is free to download. For further information.

    Road Safety Animation Shorts – Tales of the Road

    Simple, short multimedia stories to encourage children to think about road safety. (New so currently has limited information available).


  • Stop, look and listen
  • Be bright, be seen
  • Safe place to cross
  • Cycling safety
  • For further road safety information

    Also a Parents Guide – “Road Safety Matters” & Teachers Guides – Useful road safety information (PDF’s)

    A Cartoon Guide to Wearing Seatbelts

    Flintstone’s cartoon of a PSA for young children about wearing seatbelts.

    Walking Bus travelling to and from school

    The walking bus is the latest safe, fun and healthy way to travel to and from school.

    Hazel Grove on the launch day of their two walking busesEach walking bus had an adult ‘driver’ at the front and and an adult ‘conductor’ bringing up the rear. The children walk to school in a group along a set route picking up additional ‘passengers’ at specific ‘bus-stops’ along the way.

    For further information see their website Walking Bus.

    The Online Version of the The Highway Code

    This version has been adapted for online use from the Department for Transport’s current printed version of the Highway Code. In any proceedings, whether civil or criminal, only the Department for Transport’s current printed version of the Code should be relied upon

    Road Safety Week 2008

    Road Safety Week 10 – 16 November 2008 – get involved to help save lives!

    Protect the Ones You Love – 10th – 16th November 2008, Road Safety Week

    The theme this year is family safety: protect the one you love. Whether teaching pre-schoolers to ‘hold hands’ with mum or dad, or teaching teenagers the dangers of driving and the importance of looking after younger siblings, you can meet curriculum requirements and play a vital role in preventing a tragedy in your school, college, or nursery by taking part.

    Get planning today.

    Road Safety Week is organised by Brake, the road safety charity with backing from the Government and our corporate sponsors. Brake has two aims:

    to promote road safety
    support people bereaved and injured in crashes

    A child is killed or hurt on UK roads every 20 minutes. Help us to save lives and to support people bereaved by road crashes by taking part in National Road Safety Week.

    Teach citizenship and PSHE and save young lives in Road Safety Week by ordering your FREE action pack TODAY.

    Go to and click on ‘educator’ to order your free poster, action pack and access our online educator advice centre, which includes lesson ideas and downloadable PowerPoints and video clips.

    Road Safety Resources for Parents & Teachers



    ROSPA – advice for parents and teachers on a number of different road safety issues, including (all free to download):

  • ESOL Key Stage 2 Road Safety Resource: Teacher’s Guide
  • ESOL Key Stage 2 Road Safety Resource: Child’s Workbook
  • Road Safety Education: A Guide For Healthy Schools – (A Resource Book designed to help teachers prepare for and follow up visits by Theatre-in-Education (TIE) Companies performing on the subject of road safety.)
  • Road Safety School Assembly Plans : All Ages
  • Rural Road Safety : Key Stages 1 & 2
  • Carrying Other People’s Children Safely – (A booklet giving advice about using child seats and seat belts for anyone who transports other people’s children in a car, taxi, bus or coach.)
  • Road Safety Factsheets