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Road Safety Education Materials

The website contains the following:

  • There are 25 lesson packs that will help you teach a range of road safety topics to children and teenagers of all ages.
  • The lesson packs are colour coded by key stage and age range, from early years to key stage 4.
  • Each lesson pack contains a lesson plan, links to road safety teaching resources, and activities; everything you need to plan and deliver effective road safety education.
  • These resources are not limited to classroom use and we hope that they will be used by anyone with responsibility for educating children and teenagers on road safety, including road safety officers, police and fire officers, out of school leaders, and parents.

    Applicable Early Years through Key Stage 1-4. Aimed at a teaching professionals.

    For further information Think Resource Centre

    Signal Switch Off – Rethinking Traffic Control

    A fascinating look at the need for a rethink concerning traffic control in particular where and when traffic lights are used.

    Video 1 – Roads unfit for people

    Updated critique of traffic controls with proposals for change based on a trust in human nature rather than an obsession with controlling it.

    Video 2 – Roads FiT for People

    Portishead lights-off trial, which began on 14.9.09 and went permanent after journey times fell by over half with no loss of pedestrian safety

    Possible points to discuss:

  • Our traffic control system has need been properly tested, it has just evolved
  • Traffic signals take away the need to think for both the motorist and pedestrian
  • The environmental impact i.e. emissions & pollution
  • The impact on local residents and the improved quality of life, i.e. a quieter environment, less pollution, less peak noise…
  • Concentrating on how a change in traffic control would affect young children, i.e. how do they learn to interact with motorists
  • Try as a classroom game. Create a cross roads, divide the children into the following groups

    Game 1

    Traffic signals – this group control the game

    Game 2


    Observe the differences.

    For further information see and for parents and teachers more about Martin Cassini (the creator of the videos) @ his forum

    Kerbcraft Road Safety Website

    Kerbcraft Logo

    Kerbcraft Logo

    They Say

    Kerbcraft is a practical child pedestrian training scheme, developed in Drumchapel, Glasgow, by Professor James Thomson at the University of Strathclyde. It is designed to teach pedestrian skills to 5 to 7 year olds, by means of practical road-side training rather than teaching in the classroom. It is built around teaching three skills:- choosing safe places and routes; crossing safely at parked cars and crossing safely near junctions. These skills are taught over the course of at least 12 roadside sessions. Children are taught in the road environment near their schools, in pairs or groups of three children, by trained volunteers.

    This website provides information for existing Kerbcraft Co-ordinators; for those interested in setting up a new scheme in a local authority, school or other establishment, and for anyone interested in learning more about Kerbcraft.

    Official Kerbcraft resources, funded by the Department for Transport, can be found in the Resources Section of this website, and materials developed by Kerbcraft schemes around the country can be found in the Example Materials Section. The Information Section provides a wealth of additional information and advice notes to help with the set up, funding and running of Kerbcraft. The Kerbcraft Pilot Section provides information and evaluation reports on the national pilot of Kerbcraft, which ran from 2002 to 2007.

    The Kerbcraft website has the following available in the resources part of their website, especially useful for schools and teachers. Manual, support pack, video & DVD, as well as documents detailing Class List, Training Schedules, Child Volunteer Allocation List, Volunteer List, Co-ordinator Visit, Session Register, Incident Record…

    Children’s Road Safety Video – Glow in the Dark

    Road Safety Video
    Duration: 0:20M

    A short road safety video reinforcing the Road Safety aspect.

    Ideal for use both before and after a Safety Scene visit. Use to reinforce some of the road safety messages heard during the visit.

    Tales of the Road – Think!

    Road Safety Video
    Duration: 0:41M

    A short road safety video reinforcing the Stop, Look and Listen message. Ideal for use both before and after a Safety Scene visit. Use to reinforce some of the road safety messages heard during the visit.

    Key Stage 1 – Hedgehogs Road Safety Video

    Hedgehogs Road Safety Campaign.

    Road Safety Video
    Duration: 0:50M

    Ideal to get children thinking about road safety messages. Use it after a Safety Scene visit. An excellent way to reinforce some of the road safety messages put into practise during the visit.

    Road Safety Matters – Renault

    Renault Safety Matters

    Renault Safety Matters

    A road safety website from Renault. The website is divided into 3 sections, parents, children & teachers.

    On the website you will find:

  • Downloads
  • Cross-Curriculum Teaching Resources
  • Free Road Safety DVD
  • Lesson Plans
  • Pupil Worksheets
  • Assembly Plans
  • Games
  • A Gallery
  • Facts and Tips…
  • Safety Matters online is a road safety educational site for pupils aged 7-11 years, their teachers and parents.

    Developed by Renault the resources deliver vital road safety messages and support the Curriculum for PSHE/PSD Literacy and Numeracy.

    For further road safety information from Renault

    Streetwise Road Safety Website

    Another nicely laid out website which has been divided into three sections.

    Road accidents are the single biggest cause of accidental death among 5–14 year olds – a statistic that encouraged 3M to make child road safety the key theme of its community programme.

    Providing KS1 & KS2 road safety information for:

    Pupils Resources

  • Green Cross Code – Test
  • Crossing the road – Where is a safe place to cross?
  • The countryside – What should I do if I live in the countryside where there is no pavement?
  • Parents Resources

  • Helping your child
  • In the car – child restraints
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Roller skating
  • Knowledge test
  • Teachers Resources

  • Overview on Road Safety
  • Teachers’ notes, downloads include:

  • Road safety lessons
  • Poster – Day scene
  • Poster – Night scene
  • Worksheets include:

  • How Streetwise are you? Day scene
  • How Streetwise are you? Night scene
  • Click to visit the Streetwise Road Safety Website

    Safe on the Street – KS2 Road Safety from BMW

    Safe on the Streets

    Safe on the Streets

    Safe on the Street is a road safety education website for 7 – 11 years olds, their teachers and parents. Find out how to keep safe on the street with fun activities, stories, puzzles, quizzes and competitions.

    A well designed and informative road safety website. Safe on the Street is divided into three sections.

    Teachers Section

  • Teachers Guide
  • Road Safety Facts
  • Pupils Activities Menu
  • Be Seen Activities
  • Cycle Safety Activities
  • In Car Safety
  • On the Road
  • Quizzes
  • Record of Achievement
  • Resource Bank
  • Play Packs
  • Parents Section

  • Parents Guide
  • Road Safety Guide
  • Crossing the Road
  • Being Seen
  • Cycle Safety
  • Safety in the Car
  • Seatbelt Facts
  • Seatbelt Laws
  • Child Restraints
  • Teaching by Example
  • Safety Definitions
  • Kids Section

  • The kids version of the above
  • Click to explore the website.

    Interactive Road Safety with Streetscene

    Streetsense is a Scottish initiative and a very well thought out website ideal for parents and teachers to help educate children and young people about road safety.

    An assembly resource which can be used in conjunction with ‘Streetsense’ to build on the topics covered within the website. The topics covered are very similar to the Road Safety aspect of Safety Scene and is ideal material to use in conjunction with a Safety Scene visit.

    The material links to other Road Safety Scotland resources such as the Scottish Cycle Training Scheme and the Junior Road Safety Officer scheme.

    Over 4 different levels the interactive multimedia displays cover the most important aspects of road safety and information over a wide age range from primary KS1 to KS3, including:

  • Crossing between parked cars
  • How to traffic lights and pelican crossings
  • Walking
  • Skateboarding
  • Motorbike
  • Bus
  • Braking distances
  • And more…
  • The Scottish statistics for accidental deaths in children between 0-19 are:

  • Road traffic 82%
  • Drowning 11%
  • Drugs 7%
  • Also a few useful road safety links. For further information on Streetsense visit the website.