Category: Quotes about Safety Scene

Karen Murdoch-Hollies – Safety Officer – Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council

The Local Authority and the Emergency Services are very conscious of the need to make people aware of what helps to maintain and enhance the quality of life for residents inside and outside their homes. This programme that we would hope to roll out throughout the Borough, is aimed at public awareness and accessibility.

Kevin Jeynes – Station Officer – Blackpool Fire Safety Department

“The Safety Scene scheme was extremely effective: When you look at statistics wherever it has been run, you will see a decrease in the number of casualties in children in that age group.” “They are at that transition stage between being children and young adults and are trying to develop that degree of independence. They are usually the ones involved in accidents.”

Patricia Johnson – Partnerships Co-ordinator – Vale Royal Borough Council

“Safety Scene is an exciting, innovative and interactive way of getting children to learn and retain a range of messages. The rooms will be staffed by professionals from a number of key agencies including fire, police, school nurses, crossing patrol, environmental health and safety in the home and railway safety. All children will get a goody bag with reminders of the day and further activities with a safety theme. Aimed to provide interactive and visual learning on accident prevention/safety procedures for children aged 6 and 7 years old from local schools.”

Val Godfrey – Lead borough councillor for engaging communities – Vale Royal Borough Council

“…delighted to see the initiative back for its seventh consecutive year”. She said: “Safety Scene has proved to be an exciting and innovative way of teaching important safety messages to children aged five to seven years. We hope the lessons they learn will help them to stay safe and healthy so they can enjoy their childhoods to the full”.”

Maureen Grant – Councillor and the Mayor – Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council

“I am delighted to open the first Crewe and Nantwich Safety Scene Exhibition. This is a very practical and inter-active way of helping children to spot dangerous situations and learn how to cope with them. I am very pleased to see so many of our partners in community safety coming together for the benefit of local children and I hope that this exhibition will be followed by more Safety Scenes in the coming years.”

Doug Shingler – Mayor – Vale Royal, Councilor

“Safety Scene is an exciting and innovative way of teaching important safety messages to youngsters. We hope the lessons they learn will help them to stay safe and healthy so they can enjoy their childhood to the full.”

Sergeant Peter Yates – Project Manager – Lancashire Constabulary

“The aim of the Safety Week is to promote the message of safety in the community in a fun learning environment.”

Mrs Dilnot – Year 2 Teacher Darnhall Primary School

“It’s very informative and our children really enjoyed themselves. Keeping safe is part of our curriculum and we will be following up on what we’ve learnt today when we go back to school.”

Nicky Chaplain – Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council

“Our aim is to increase awareness and teach the children safety skills in both home and outdoor environments”

Mrs Barnton – Tarporley CE Primary School

“The children were very excited and really enjoyed the day. We used the activity as a core part of Key Stage 1 PSHE in school. Drawing on ideas from the experience and integrating the ideas into many lesson plans.”