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Safety Scene PSHE links to Third Party Websites

Where possible we have tried to grade websites via the PSHE ks1, 2 or 3 criteria, however, this is not always possible to do accurately.

Staying up-to-date. Safety Scene does its best to make sure all websites that we link to are operational. We do this weekly using technology that tells us if a website is operational, after three failed visits we will take down the link to that website.

If your link is changing and you still wish us to maintain our links to your website please send us an email indicating when the URL will change.

Commercial Advertising on Safety Scene Website and UK Activities

For companies that wish to advertise on the Safety Scene website please use either this contact form or call the office to discuss how best to advertise your safety products or services.

There are also numerous opportunities to get your products or services included within Safety Activities.

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Myths about Teachers and Out of School Activities

To address the question asked “If a pupil is hurt on a Safety Scene visit can the teacher in charge be sued?”

Firstly we’d like to point out that there has never been an accident during a Safety Scene visit. Secondly we would like to draw teachers attention to the Health and Safety Executive’s website and the page Myth: If a pupil is hurt, the teacher is likely to be sued.

We can’t find a single instance in the past five years of a teacher being personally sued for compensation.

As all activities, as long as common sense is used and children and young people attending are not allowed to misbehave, the risk of anything untoward happening is infinitesimally low.

Safety Scene History

Safety Scene was formerly known as Safety Town.

Safety Town was started in 1992 in partnership with Hasbury & Cradley Rotary Club, under the direction of Stan Harding, who raised the initial £12,000 to build the set.

Stan Harding was a professional stage set designer for the television industry. He conceived and built both the original called “Safety Town” and its successor Safety Scene, which he and his wife Margaret devoted a great deal of their time to creating and running. Without Stan’s unique skills, their personal finances and their determination to see Safety Scene operating, Safety Scene would not exist today.

It is impossible to say how many children’s lives Safety Scene has played a part in helping to make safer and the funds that Safety Scene has helped to save society over the years through the prevention of accidents.

We feel the quote from Kevin Jeynes (Station Officer – Blackpool Fire Safety Department) probably best sums matters up from an adult perspective.

“…Safety Scene scheme is extremely effective: When you look at statistics wherever it has been run, you will see a decrease in the number of casualties in children in that age group…”

In 2007 Stan & Margaret decided to sell Safety Scene and enjoy their retirement.

We hope that we can speak for society in general when we say thank you to Stan and Margaret for their ideas, imagination and all the time and hard work that they put into turning Safety Scene from an idea into a lasting and memorable experience for children, we wish you both a wonderful retirement.

From everyone at Safety Scene.