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Our Thanks to a Great Consultant

We’ve has recently received an email from Cathy Boyd to say that she launched a new company Strategic Partnerships Consultancy.

Cathy for anyone that knows Safety Scene has been a very generous person both in terms of her time, ideas and also expertise. She has been very helpful in general, spotting areas of strengths and of weaknesses and helping us to become a better project. Cathy was also one of the first northwest based promoters to spot the potential that Safety Scene had and did so year on year.

We would like to wish Cathy and her team every success for her new venture. Please click on the link to find out more about Cathy and Strategic Partnerships Consultancy

112 is Officially the Europe Wide Emergency Number

First introduced in 1991 the emergency number 112 is officially the European emergency number. Existing emergency numbers in each country are to stay in place.

People can now reach emergency services from anywhere in the EU, simply by dialling 112, the single European emergency number. Now that 112 can be called from any phone in Bulgaria, it has achieved complete availability just before the Christmas period when thousands of people travel between EU Member States to visit family, hit the slopes or look for winter sun. It also crowns the combined efforts of the European Commission and EU Member States to make 112 fully available everywhere so that Europeans will always have a lifeline in the EU.

For further details

Key Stage 1 PSHE Websites and Resources Wanted

Safety Scene is constantly looking for Key Stage 1 PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education) materials and related websites. If you know of a resource that covers any of the following, please let us know and we will write a brief introduction and link to the relevant page(s).

  • Beech & Water Safety
  • Bullying
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Firework Safety
  • Health Promotion
  • Railway Safety
  • Road Safety
  • Safety in the Garden
  • Safety in the Home
  • Safety when Playing Outside
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Or any other website or resource that fits into the PSHE curriculum and is a useful resource for parents, teachers, children or promoters of safety education.

    Please leave a link in the comment section below, many thanks.

    Happy Safe Children

    There have been over 60,000 happy children and young people who have attended Safety Scene over the years.

    Thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of all the promoters and agencies involved in the events, not only does everyone attending learn about safety but there are many happy smiling faces. It makes it all the hard work, planning, time…worthwhile.

    Happy safe and smiling

    Happy safe and smiling



    Nice teeth

    Nice teeth



    The Safety Scene Video is Live

    After some hiccups the Safety Scene video is online.

    £500,000 Scholarship for Students!

    For students who want to undertake research aimed at saving lives and reducing injuries.

    Under what is believed to be one of the biggest accident-prevention scholarships ever funded, up to three PhD students will be awarded grants annually. The researcher who produces the best work each year will be awarded a further cash prize as an added incentive for excellence.

    An invitation to bid for the scholarships, together with key themes for research, will be announced later this year. RoSPA and BNFL will be seeking to engage the country’s leading researchers to focus on priority topics, not just in occupational safety and health, but also accident prevention on the road, in the home, in water and in leisure activities as well as in the area of safety education.

    Print pages option is now available

    If you wish to print a page without wasting resources. Select the page you wish to print out and at the top left of the screen you will see a printer icon. Click on the icon and it will take you to a page with just the information that you wish to print.

    Information for Haulage Companies

    N.B: A 4 wheel tractor unit as opposed to a 6 wheel unit is the better option, as Safety Scene visits some very difficult to get into locations.

    Contact number 07929 12 13 47 ask for Richard Boyd